PGCL launches Competence Assurance System

Phillips General Contracting Limited officially launched their competence assurance system (CAS) on 20th January 2011. The system facilitates current employees and also future employees with continuous evaluation of their competence and skills.

The CAS system :

1 Developed Occupational Profile(DACUM) for all classifications of Electrical/Instrumentation Technicians(i.e EI Supervisor, EI Senior Technician, EI Technician I & EI Craftsman)

2 Completed Self Assessments of each employee against DACUM Standards using World ICU UTRAC web based competence system.

3 Initiated Validation exercise to confirm employees' claimed competencies.

4 Will award employees a certificate of acquired competency(CAC) to those attesting to competence levels achieved.

5 Will compile a Training Needs Matrix identifying performance gaps and recommend measures to address same and

6 Ensure an audit of the audit process is conducted to ensure quality control.

Employees would be awarded with their certificates in July of this year.