Joint PLA Consultancy and WORLD ICU Validator (ASSESSOR) program.

By the end of the program participants will have two of the three components necessary to be a certified validator. The three components are.

1 Successful completion of the validator course

2 Successful completion of the validator evaluation (given in the course)

3 Have been validated in the area that they themselves will be validating in (for example plumber, plant operator, driver, security guard and so on)

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1. The Validator Course
The validator course will cover topics necessary to know how to validate and why. A code of ethics needs to be agreed to. The validator course will include the following topics

  • What is a competency and how does a competency differ from a task
  • How to write a competency statement following Blooms taxonomy
  • Identify the benefits and drawbacks to a competency based program
  • Describe the validation (assessment process)
  • Describe the next steps to successful (and unsuccessful) validation
  • Describe learning and teaching principles that will enhance knowledge transfer from a subject matter expert (SME)
  • List the ethical principles in validation and the consequences of unethical behavior.
  • Describe how to give effective feedback to change behaviour
  • List the different methods of assessment, their advantages and disadvantages
  • Practice using the validation techniques in the course
  • Be exposed to the UTRAC system for data maintenance and tracking

2. Validator Evaluation

Complete the in class validation and workbook for assessors (validators).Successful completion of step 2 will warrant a certificate of competence as a validator.

3. Specific Area Validation

All validators need to select an area that they will be validating in, they need to be validated first in this area prior to validating any other person themselves. Upon completion of stage 3 people will be a certified validator in a particular area.


The stage 2 certification will be given by WORLD ICU and PLA Consultancy (Joint certificate). The stage 3 certification will be given by WORLD ICU and a recognized post secondary educational institution.

Course Duration

The course has the duration of 2 days or approximately 14 hours.

Group A - July 12th - 13th 2011
Group B - July 14th - 15th 2011

Payment Information
Payment is required at least 10 days prior to the scheduled commencement of the training course.


Cheque payable to:
Phillips General Contracting Limited
#32A La Savanne Circular
New Lands Village, Guayaguayare


Direct Deposit
Republic Bank
Account # 470197506001


Please fax or email this completed form with accompanying receipt to : 868-630-8903


*Please note that you will be confirmed for attendance to this course once your payment has been received.